Western development bank is one of the largest regional level development banks of Nepal in terms of assets, deposits, profits & branches catering to large customer base. Western development bank ltd. was established on Bhadra 30, 2062. We have completed 11th consecutive successful years, and are operating in 12th year now.. Its head office is located in Dang Ghorahi and it gradually opened its 15 branches at Tulsipur, Lamahi, Sisahaniya, Hapure,Narayanpur,Chandrauta,Bijauri,Gadawa,Nepalgunj,Bhalubang,Chisapani,Jeetpur,Shamshergunj,Samjhana Chock,Khajura 363 days banking . The primary mission of Western Development Bank Ltd. is to establish, develop, expand and facilitate the productivity of feasible manufacturing and to create employment so as to uplift the rural and urban economy through agriculture, trade and industry by mobilizing the local human and capital resources. We are in the process of expanding our branches at different places, thus meeting the expectations of our rural depositors. We have highly qualified & hard working 100 staff working in our bank.